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mcla 2009 graduation

mcla 2009 graduation
sat may 16
campus center gym

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here we are
march coming to a close
spring is here
the sky so blue
life coming back

lately it has been
day to day
up and down
around and around

the cast comes off tuesday
im so excited
sad to see it go
it has become
part of my life
learn to cope
wax on wax off

the harlequin musical
is done for this year
another great job
but every show has problems
all little
adding up
they needed more time

i love the theatre
always have
always will
it is something magical
most take for granted
support the arts
they are saving the youth

thats my blog
the days are ending
soon no more blog

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Hi Mark – How are you doing an internship if your graduating this Spring? Are you doing grad work? Just wondering …

no grad work
it was a chance
i took

its 5 months
working for disney
my hope is to find something more
a job
move up in the company

disney cruise line
my dream job
planning events

it doesnt matter
when u do an internship
always something to learn

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vinyl toys
4 inches
white blue pink

rosie odonnell
obsessed with them
has done 100s
i have done 2

seal with varnish

i posted pictures
my latest creations

done weeks ago
then i broke my wrist
cant write
cant draw

last night
i gave in
watching celeb apprentice
i made munny2
sitting on the couch
with perrier


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this is life

last thursday
i fell
broke my wrist
right hand
im all casted
like im in elementary school

my first broken bone
really interesting
the pain
highs lows
you learn to live

march is here
hard to believe

i got my internship
walt disney world
fall 09
half accepted
still working out details
it may not happen
but just an update

rosie has a new movie
i saw some of it
she is amazing
an icon

if i ever am famous
i want that
to have what she has
it makes me happy
she is so giving
visit her site
she her charities
people dont understand
the view is in the past
we need to move on

may 16 2009
its all over
one door closes

happy march bloggers

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this blog has been fun
4 years
i came
u came

now senior year
so much going on
the blog suffers
im sorry

i have been busy
senior year

it has been fun
looking back
the canvas was blank
now its covered

after 4 years
u cope
u deal

i was in the paper
senior profile # 2
the article is below
read it
if u want

i told the reporter
ask people about me
gave him names
but said ask random people
see what they say
well one person said

wax on
wax off
better to be known
than not at all

see the light
let it in

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big impact

Senior Profile: Mark Richards
Garrick Otero
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The number 23 isn’t just a 2007 Jim Carrey movie. It’s also the number of MCLA related positions and activities on Mark Richards’ resume.

Richards, a senior, is currently the Events Coordinator for the Student Government Association and the Special Events Chair for the Student Activities Council. He was the student trustee last year, and has also held two internships on campus. He’s been an admissions ambassador, a building monitor and a member of several clubs and committees.

Richards credits the College with giving him opportunities he wouldn’t have at a bigger school, and expects that to help him after graduation.

“It makes you so marketable, because I’ve done so many different things. I’ve done television, I’ve done radio, I’ve worked for the newspaper,” he said. “I’ve done everything that I could’ve wanted in four years.”

Larissa Huda, also a senior, said she’s been friends with Richards since their freshman year. “I think he’s really excelled at this small school, because I think at a bigger school, he wouldn’t have been able to get his foot in the door right away, and really plan all these events by himself — really take charge,” she said.

As much as being at MCLA has helped Richards, Huda said he’s had a big impact on students’ lives — one she feels he doesn’t get enough credit for.

“What he does, people don’t really know the extent of it all, because he’s one of those people that works mostly behind the scenes,” she said.

Huda said most people take College events for granted. “They don’t think about how it had to be planned: how this person had to be called, how that person had to be called, how the event had to be set up, how it had to be cleaned up.

“You know, all those little, small details that make everything run? That’s what [Richards] does, and I don’t think people realize how much time and energy that takes,” she added.

Another friend, junior, Jade Prickett, also said Richards’ work often goes unnoticed. “I think that it’s important to stress just how important he is to the school. I think people underestimate that sometimes.”

Richards did receive one award for his contributions to the college, one that he keeps on his bedroom wall at home — he was given an MCLA Leader Achievement Award in May 2008.

“I don’t believe in getting recognition for the things I do, because I just do it out of the goodness of my heart,” he said. “But, it was nice to be recognized.”

“I don’t think people should live their lives needing to be recognized — to get a trophy, or a plaque, or a certificate at the end of the day. It doesn’t mean anything to me. You know, just a simple thank you, or a ‘nice job’ and a pat on the back is all I really need.”

Richards, in turn, wanted to thank the College and its students: “It’s been an amazing ride. I’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to do. The door was always open, the welcome mat was always out, and the light was always on. It really became my home away from home.”

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BWW TV: Rosie’s Broadway Kids Opens Maravel Center
by James Sims

Rosie’s Broadway Kids officially celebrates its new home Monday as the Maravel Arts Center has a ribbon cutting ceremony to open the re-modeled facility to the press. Located in the heart of the Broadway community, on 45th Street, Rosie O’Donnell’s organization will now have two dance studios, a music studio, library, dressing rooms and much more in its new location.

O’Donnell’s life-long concern for children and theater was the inspiration for Rosie’s Broadway Kids, created in 2003 along with Kelli O’Donnell and RBKids Artistic Director Lori Klinger. It seeks to provide quality instruction in music and dance for free to New York City public schools and students. Serving more than 5,100 teachers, students and family members at 22 schools, eighty percent of those kids involved with RBKids are from low-income families, according to the organization’s website.

“In NYC public schools, it’s not like when I was a kid, in the fifth grade, when we did The King and I,” said O’Donnell. “The arts programs have been gutted. Music, theatre, musicals, dance, that’s what saved me emotionally. I fell in love with Broadway, as my mother did before me.”

The Maravel Arts Center is named for O’Donnell’s teacher, Pat Maravel, who she said was an “inspirational force” in her formative years.

BroadwayWorld’s own Eddie Varley and James Sims joined Lori Klinger at the Maravel Arts Center to take a tour of this brand new facility before the ribbon cutting ceremony Monday. It is located at 445 West 45th Street in Manhattan. For more information on the center, and Rosie’s Broadway Kids, visit

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snow day

every so often
the world stops
mother nature wins
today she won
very powerful lady

today was a day
to sit back

february is coming
spring getting closer
the end near

there is a new world
just outside your door
embrace it


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blogging is hard
when your days are filled
sun up to sun down

with only months left
i think its time
to start again
make an effort
to bring you along
with me
on this wild journey

i think college is wonderful
the best years
so far for me

no real regrets
that im willing to admit
life goes on
with ups and downs
the sun rises
a new day has come

so as winter sets back in
the sky bluer
the days a little longer
let the sun in

so live your life

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