Posted by: markatmcla | July 11, 2009

summer books

so i have a new goal
read books this summer
a lot of them
get caught up

during the school year
it is hard to read for fun
so i wait til summer

here is my list
what i have read so far
and what is in the cue

my remarkable journey by larry king
a great story
a remarkable life
a must for all broadcasters

music for chamelons by truman capote
short stories
one book
an amazing writer

wishful drinking by carrie fisher
princess leia
star wars
child star
famous parents
a great memoir

absolute brightness by lecesne
a story about a boy
nobody cared
until he was gone
a book about connections

how starbucks saved my life
business man loses his job
served becomes server
touching story

READING NOW: the hour i first believed by wally lamb
just started this book
a rosie pick
big book
625 pages



  1. I read the starbucks booked and liked it too. Glad to see you blogging again – what are your plans for the fall? Not that I am trying to rush your summer – enjoy your reading!

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