Posted by: markatmcla | July 2, 2009


well here we are
after a tough week

i stepped away
didnt know what to blog
so much noise
the crowds overwhelming
u crack under the pressure

last monday
jon and kate
what a little rhyme

it was painful
to listen to them

celebrity has broken them
torn them apart
their lives no longer their own
its all for america
everything set in time blocks

it wasnt fun anymore
they need to walk away
money money money
thats what they want
exploit the kids
and ruin your lives
its a shame

watch the episode
listen to what they say
its all work

we lost ed mcmahon
heeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s johnny!!!!!!!!!!
such a legend
as he got older
he lost all his money
kept spending
no income

farrah fawcett
charlie’s angels
her battle with cancer

barbara walters said
not much time left
sure enough
she was right

an icon
for so many
tough us how to fight
determination must prevail

also that day
michael jackson
what a shock
on the verge

50 years old
the roller coaster ride over
the ups and downs

he had a gift
a performer was he

celebrity is a drug
it consumes you
takes hold of you
leaving you wanting more
and more
and more

sometimes we crack
the pieces fall
and its too late

believe in yourself
and make that change!


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