Posted by: markatmcla | June 19, 2009

pat writes in

I am so happy this has returned. I’m in the process of gearing up a new one for myself, but sometimes the dedication to it is overwhelming.

overwhelming indeed
thats why i stopped
i got sucked it
couldnt let go
everything i did
blog blog blog
i needed a break
time away
collect myself
find myself

so here we go
summer 2009
every effort
once a week
to start
little updates
getting my feet wet

twitter is fun
following celebs
such random stuff
but its great
news instantly on your cell phone
totally cool
i am following 21 people
mostly celebs
some everyday people
keeps u updated
140 characters

the weather totally sucks
grey grey grey
rain rain rain
but tonight we saw blue skies
more clouds tomorrow
summer returns someday

fathers day this weekend
almost done with june
time flies
tick tock

i am reading some great books
watching amazing tv shows
all outlined in my next post
or somewhere on this blog
i need to figure it all out

happy friday
peace out bloggers


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